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Swimming Pool Design | Backyard Design 

Luxury Custom Pools offers a variety of shapes and sizes for custom built pools that allow you to turn your backyard into a space perfect for relaxation and tranquility - or entertaining and hosting! We use enhanced software to not only design the perfect pool to fit your backyard, but we also design your entire backyard dream scape with photo-enhanced images. This allows us to show you a view of a digitized image of your future backyard - everything from where the pool and chairs will be to where you can place a tree, flowers and pond. We offer pools that will fit any backyard landscape; and a variety of traditional to free-form designs that fit any budget.

Landscaping Ideas and Lighting around your Pool

Not only will we help map out the design of your swimming pool, landscaping and patio, but we can also help install other backyard features enhancing your pool area. We offer landscaping ideas such as rock, boulders, flowers, bushes, etc and other backyard accessories like grills and fences. Contact Wholesale Pools & Spa to install your outdoor pool lighting, colored and stamped concrete, backyard features and more.

Fountains and Koi Ponds

Luxury Custom Pools also specializes in fountains and koi ponds that add a special element of tranquility to your backyard design. Contact us to install the perfect additions that will compliment your in-ground pool and add an even more serene feeling to your backyard getaway.

Swimming Pool Accessories 

Luxury Custom Pools offers all of the swimming pool accessories & services you'll need for your backyard pool, hot tub and in-home spa. We carry a full line of pool chemicals, pool cleaners and even pool toys for your enjoyment. We offer many special options that allow you to enhance your backyard swimming pool including water features, flowing waterfalls, spa covers and more.

Nighttime Pool Life | LED Swimming Pool Lights

We carry a complete line of pool lights like LEDs, fiber optics, fire pits and more so you and your guests can fully enjoy your in-ground shaped swimming pool at night. Our night time package is perfect for entertaining and transforming your backyard into an enjoyable space 24/7. 

Dynasty Spa Series 

Luxury Custom Pools carries the Dynasty Spa series. We can install a TV, stereo, LED lights and high horsepower pumps that will add the extra level of entertainment to your outdoor pool area. Our waterproofed products are designed for outdoor entertainment and the perfect addition to your dream backyard design.

Servicing your Swimming Pool

We can service your new, or existing swimming pool. Contact our team to aid you in chemical treatments, renovations and water testing. We're experts in diagnosing and fixing swimming pool problems like leaks and part replacement, as well as helping you open and close your pool for each season or providing weekly maintenance.

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Luxury Custom Pools is a premiere swimming pool and spa builder in the Kansas City, MO area. We specialize in turning your traditional backyard into something special through an in-ground swimming pool, hot tub and patio! We will build an attractive pool that will transform your backyard into a delightful escape.

High Quality Products | Honorary Service

We are committed to offering only the highest-quality products when it comes to swimming pools. We also offer the best customer service and are proud members of the Better Business Bureau Honor Roll program. Our beautiful, functional pools are built with the finest materials and most advanced construction techniques, and come with a full warranty. This ensures that our pools are reliable, enjoyable and safe.

Get started on your custom backyard swimming pool today! Email us or call Terry at (816) 809-8665 for a free in-home consultation.

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